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Sijiyoumei Anti-aging Jelly: Tracing back to the source, living up to each other

The wind is light, the spring is warm, and the winter is cold. A bird's nest lingers between the lips and teeth, and you will forget the toil of hustling and the noise of time and space. Every minute and every second at the moment becomes cozy and lingering - we have the right and the right to live a better life in this beautiful world.

What the Four Seasons Beautiful Bird's Nest Jelly brings to you is the most delicious joy on the tongue and the warm healing of the soul. Such a bag of bird's nest jelly, which mainly focuses on "light maintenance", has been sold for less than a year and has become numerous. In the continuously warming bird's nest product track, the Four Seasons Beautiful Bird's Nest Jelly is undoubtedly a galloping black horse. With its natural convenience and breaking the space and time constraints, it has brought a huge impetus to the entire industry and set an excellent model for bird's nest light care.

The dried bird's nests in the Sijiyoumei Anti-aging Jelly are all collected from Kalimantan Island, 109 °~118 ° east longitude. Among the three core production areas of the world's famous bird's nest, Kalimantan Island is more respected by the industry: the eight rivers run through the island, the natural rainforest ecosystem, the annual average temperature of 24-25 ℃, and no seasons are different... These unique advantages provide a perfect living environment for swallows and guarantee the excellent quality of bird's nest. The most outstanding advantage of Kalimantan bird's nest is that the content of sialic acid is higher than others, and sialic acid is the most essence of bird's nest. According to the third-party agency, the content of bird's nest acid in Four Seasons Beautiful Bird's Nest Jelly is up to 99 mg/100 g *.

*Data from Fangyuan test report: 2010923632A, product batch number: 201110S

In order to ensure the cleanliness and quality stability of bird's nest, our raw materials are only obtained from "Yanwu". The scientific and technological content of a small "swallow house" cannot be underestimated. Thanks to the breakthrough of sound simulation technology and link simulation technology, "swallow house" is almost the same as the natural environment of the cave in terms of light and humidity. In addition, the swallows living in it can get more scientific cleaning and maintenance. At the same time, they can also pick the bird's nest at the most appropriate time, so as to ensure that the nutrition is not lost and the cleanliness is high. In addition to highly imitating the wild environment, the swallow house model also maintains the "original ecology" in terms of food supply: the swallow house only provides a good environment for nesting, but does not provide any food. Swallows must completely rely on themselves to find food outside the swallow house. Thanks to the standardized operation of the standard swallow house, we have obtained stable, excellent and traceable bird's nest raw materials in the harmonious coexistence with nature.

Through the high standard layout of overseas bird's nest picking bases and the continuous exploration and improvement of bird's nest industry standardization, Sijiyoumei is building a solid quality moat for consumers. For every gram of bird's nest selected by Sijiyoumei, we can't "make do" without "almost". We will take an extremely critical view to check for every consumer.

As a heavyweight product, the Sijiyoumei Anti-aging Jelly is not only strictly controlled in terms of "quality", but also generous in terms of "quantity". The average bag contains more than 1.2 grams of high-quality dry bird's nests. This loud data provides a quantifiable basis for "real material and sufficient material", and also makes the Sijiyoumei Anti-aging Jelly essentially different from the "fake bird's nest products" on the market. In addition, the Sijiyoumei Anti-agingJelly also further innovates its concept. While retaining the nutritional ingredients of bird's nest completely, according to the physical needs of modern people, it scientifically mixes fish collagen peptide, puerarin powder, Chia seed, stachyose, xylooligosaccharide, fructooligosaccharide and other beneficial ingredients to truly achieve the integration of safety, balance, taste and convenience.

"The heavy sword has no edge, and the great skill does not work", returning to the common sense of diet and giving more sincerity. In view of the "pain points" that modern people can not select high-quality bird's nest raw materials by themselves, do not know the stewing method, and do not want to spend a lot of time, the Sijiyoumei Anti-aging Jelly devotes itself to the "just need", and establishes a letter with "quality" and "quantity" to create a happier bird's nest life for you.

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