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Paper-thin facial cleanser

Many people know that cleansing the skin is the first step in skincare, so they attach great importance to washing their faces. However, "importance" does not necessarily mean "correctness." Have you fallen into these misconceptions?

Mistake 1: Since it is important to wash your face, it will be cleaner if you wash it several times

The purpose of washing your face is to remove dirt, but washing your face too frequently can strip away all the oils from your skin, which can be harmful and cause dryness. Using HHA® Royal Jelly Paper to clean your face once or twice a day is enough. If you thoroughly clean your face at night and sleep in a clean environment, washing your face with just water in the morning is sufficient.

Misconception 2: The longer you wash your face, the better the cleansing effect. Because the HHA® Royal Jelly Paper has excellent cleansing effect, usually washing your face can be done within 2 minutes. It is recommended to rub the HHA honey paper into foam and gently massage your face for about 30 seconds, then rinse with water for about 1 minute to remove dirt and excess foam. Washing your face for too long can actually push the oil and dirt back into the pores, as well as remove too much oil from the face, leading to an imbalance in the skin's moisture level and causing dryness.

Misconception 3: Washing your face with cold water can shrink pores and make your skin firmer.

Some beauty magazines suggest washing your face with cold water to shrink pores, but cold water can cause pores to constrict for a moment, making it difficult to effectively clean out dirt from the pores. Using hot water can strip away the skin's protective layer, making it saggy and causing pores to enlarge, resulting in rough skin and wrinkles. In addition, if too much oil is washed away, it can accelerate skin aging. It is best to wash your face with water at around 35℃, which can remove sebum and dirt from the face without harming the skin. HHA® Royal Jelly Paper also works best when rubbed and foamed at a water temperature of 20-35℃, so in cold weather, it is best not to dissolve HHA honey paper directly in tap water.

Misconception 4: The more HHA® Royal Jelly Paper used each time, the better the cleaning effect.

Perhaps due to the affordable price of HHA® honey paper, some people use it excessively, using three to five sheets each time they wash their face without feeling any regret. However, this is completely unnecessary. For daily cleansing, one sheet of HHA® honey paper is sufficient. For those who need heavy makeup, such as actors, two to three sheets of HHA honey paper can perfectly solve the double challenge of "makeup removal + cleansing". Using too many sheets of HHA honey paper is not only wasteful but can also burden the skin and clog pores if not rinsed thoroughly.

Misconception 5: After washing your face, you should quickly dry it with a towel, otherwise, your skin will become even drier.

With the popularization of knowledge about face washing, many people know that they cannot let the moisture on their faces dry naturally after washing their faces, otherwise the blood vessels on their faces will contract due to the cold, causing dry skin, peeling, and wrinkles. Therefore, many people have developed the habit of immediately using a towel to dry their faces after washing. However, towel fibers are larger than pores, and wet towels often contain various bacteria, which can cause skin allergies when used to wipe the face. Instead, you can use a pure cotton dry towel to press the face and absorb excess water droplets. However, many people still prefer to use a face-washing towel to wipe their faces, even though they know these principles. The witch hazel and Centella asiatica ingredients in HHA® Royal Jelly Paper are like building a protective barrier for many people.

Misconception 6: After using HHA® facial cleansing paper, other skincare products are no longer necessary.

Compared to traditional facial cleansers and makeup removers, the advantages of HHA® Royal Jelly Paper are indeed very obvious. In addition to being portable and easy to use, its extract essences such as royal jelly, rose oil, aloe vera from Curaçao, witch hazel, calendula, citric acid, etc., can provide deep cleaning, moisturizing and nourishing. Many people feel that their skin is particularly comfortable after using HHA Honey Paper, so they are lazy to do other skincare steps such as whitening and moisturizing. The product design philosophy of HHA Honey Paper is to focus on cleansing and makeup removal, supplemented by basic care. We recommend that after using HHA® Royal Jelly Paper for deep cleaning and moderate care, use other skin care products for better absorption and a more charming and vibrant appearance.

Washing face is a small thing, but if the method is not right, it can lead to various annoying skin problems over time. HHA® Royal Jelly Paper makes it easy for you to avoid the trouble of difficult-to-clean skin with its portability and ease of use, and discover your most beautiful self in your most beautiful moments.

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