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Eat and drink as much as you like

This is not only an ordinary candied fruit, but also the awakening and rebirth of traditional craft.

We always believe that sincerity and truth can always make ordinary things shine, so unexpected beauty can always be found in this random fruit. In the name of health, let every random fruit be full of delicious and affectionate, for the flow that will not be let down, and for you worthy of cherishing.

It is healthier to know "intestines"

Protect intestinal health and enjoy relaxation

Hippocrates, the father of safeguarding intestinal health and enjoying relaxed medicine, once said that "all diseases start from the intestinal tract", which means that your health can also start from the intestinal tract. In the book "Why Intestine May Be the Root of Your Health Problems", nutritionist Dr. Josh Axe believes that most of our human health problems can be solved by regulating the intestines. The gut is the largest digestive organ of the human body, and also the largest detoxification organ of the human body. Therefore, the state of the gut determines people's internal health and external appearance. Intestine is related to many functions such as nutrition absorption, food digestion, emotional control and immunity. A large number of immune cells are configured in the gut, so the gut is the front line to protect our health.

It is imperative to clear the intestines and detoxify

The White Paper on National Intestinal Health released in 2012 showed that up to 95% of the people involved in the survey had various intestinal problems.

Regular cleaning of toxins accumulated in the intestine is one of the effective ways to ensure the health of the intestine. The large intestine, kidney, lung and skin are the four major excretory organs of the human body, and are inextricably linked with the detoxifying organ, liver. A large number of bacteria, catabolites and harmful substances exist in the feces. If they cannot be discharged in time, some will be absorbed through the colon mucosa, and some will enter the liver through the venous system, thus increasing the burden on the liver, depleting the detoxification enzyme system of the liver, and damaging the liver function. The harmful gas produced by the fermentation of intestinal residue entering the liver will affect the lung function and produce bad breath, and will also increase the excretion burden of the kidney and skin. Skin problems such as pigmentation and acne are only symptoms of enterotoxicity. In addition, liver, gallbladder and kidney will be damaged.

(The above description is only for the popularization of health knowledge and does not represent the promotion of the efficacy of this product.)

  • From the perspective of "gut", we should take responsibility at will

The Sijiyoumei Suibianguo (Candied Green Plum) is a high-quality healthy food made from green plum as the carrier, supplemented by a variety of natural herbal ingredients, combined with traditional technology and modern technology, after several months of sugar pickling. This product has strictly controlled every production link and successfully passed the food safety inspection of 26 domestic and foreign third-party organizations. Since its listing, it has been deeply loved and trusted by consumers, and has opened a new "food" fashion of natural green plum products.

Product type: cold fruit

Net content: 150 g (10 g × 15)

Shelf life: 24 months

This product is insured by the Pacific Insurance Company with an amount of 50 million (RMB)

  • Ingredients

Green plum: the "longevity fruit" that is famous in ancient and modern times

It is rich in calcium, iron, sodium, manganese and other essential nutrients for human body as well as a variety of organic acids. According to the Compendium of Materia Medica, "(plum) has the most sour taste, and has the effects of lowering qi, calming the heart, relieving cough and cough, relieving pain, relieving typhoid fever and fever, preventing cold-heat dysentery, and reducing swelling and detoxification".

Mulberry leaf powder: "immortal leaf" falling into the world

It contains a variety of vitamins and minerals, amino acids, carbohydrates and plant fibers.

Cassia: "elf" with profound connotation

Cassia seed contains a variety of vitamins and rich amino acids, carbohydrates, etc. According to the Compendium of Materia Medica, cassia seed "helps the liver and qi, benefits the essence, and uses water to adjust the final coating to reduce swelling and poison".

Paraguayan tea (Madai tea): the "national treasure" from Argentina to the world

It contains up to 196 kinds of active nutrients, and has unique nutritional ingredients such as chlorogenic acid and rutin. It is the single family plant with the most comprehensive nutritional and health care effects found by human beings so far.

Dietary fiber: the "seventh category of nutrients" recognized by the nutrition circle

According to research, the importance of dietary fiber to the human body can be paralleled with the traditional six kinds of nutrients: protein, fat, carbohydrate, vitamins, minerals and water.

β- Carrot (carrot) element: "little ginseng" with high value for money

Like other carotenoids, β- Carotene is an antioxidant. At the same time, β- Carotene will be converted into vitamin A by the human body when needed, which makes β- Carotene has become a safe source of vitamin A.

*The above description is only for the popularization of the knowledge of the ingredients of casuarina fruit, and does not represent the efficacy of the product.

  • Production R&D

  1. 6 national invention patents

  2. 3 utility model patents

  3. Daily production can reach 1 million

  4. Advanced green plum processing production line

It has established a green plum production base, established an advanced green plum processing production line, with a daily production capacity of 1 million pieces. It has a green plum product invention patent certificate, and has applied for 6 national invention patents and 3 utility model patents.

  • Authoritative certification

People put food first and food safety first. We treat the production process of each sugared green plum with awe.

Four Seasons Elegant Random Fruit has not only successfully passed the inspection of many domestic authoritative institutions, but also passed the inspection of relevant foreign professional institutions.

Summary of worldwide authoritative quality inspection reports

China Guangzhou Fenxi Testing Center

China National Entry-Exit Quarantine Bureau

National Quality Inspection Center for Processed Food

SGS Ultra Micro Industrial Safety Laboratory (Taiwan)


Milan Testing Center, Italy

National Metrology Institute of Australia (NMI)

Designated company for customs clearance inspection of the United States -- Anresco Laboratories

Mérieux NutriSciences

Dalian Chengze Testing Co., Ltd

Weifang Hairun Huachen Testing Technology Co., Ltd

Hong Kong Standards and Verification Centre (STC)

National Pre-packaged Food Quality Supervision and Inspection Center

Shenzhen Institute of Metrology Quality Testing (SMQ)


Guangdong Provincial Microbiological Analysis and Detection Center my-lab International

Zunyi Product Quality Inspection and Testing Institute

Japan Food Environmental Inspection Association

Wenzhou Institute of Quality and Technical Supervision and Testing

Yunnan Institute of Product Quality Supervision and Inspection

Pony Testing

Huizhou Quality Measurement Supervision and Testing Institute

Saudi Food and Drug Authority


Guangdong Quality Superintend Food Inspection Station (Dongguan)

  • Edible Suibianguo (Candied Green Plum)Q&A:

Q:How to eat Suibianguo? How many plums do I eat every day?

A:It is very simple and convenient. Just like eating ordinary preserves, it is recommended to drink warm water after eating candied green plum. There are no strict requirements on the amount of green plumt, which can be determined according to your actual eating experience. Q:Can people with poor gastrointestinal function eat? A:To be sure, it is not only edible, but also very suitable for eating! Among the ingredients of Suibianguo, green plum, mulberry leaf powder, cassia seed, dietary fiber, and Paraguay tea (Madai tea) all have the function of regulating the intestines. Especially after being sugared, casually fruit is a natural top-grade to protect the health of the intestines. Generally, if you insist on eating for a period of time, constipation, diarrhea and other physical conditions will have an obvious change. Q:Why do I feel slight pain at abdominal area after eating? A:Don't panic. This is a common phenomenon that you will encounter when you eat fruit for the first time. The herb ingredients of casuarina fruit begin to play their role after entering the intestine, and the intestinal peristalsis accelerates. The stool attached to the intestinal wall pulls the intestinal villus when it falls off, resulting in a slight pain, which will disappear after defecation. Generally, after several times of consumption, the pain will weaken until it disappears completely. In this process, drinking orange peel water or milk can play a mitigating role. Q:Is laxative added to the product? A: Suibianguo is a pure natural herbal formula and has been tested by many authoritative institutions at home and abroad, including the special test for irritant laxatives provided by SGS Guangzhou Branch. The result is "not detected", so you can dispel all concerns. Q:Can I take Suibianguo while taking medicine?

A:Suibianguo can promote intestinal peristalsis and shorten the retention time of the intake in the intestine, while the drug usually needs to stay in the intestine for more than four hours to play its best role, so it is not recommended to take random fruit during medication. Q:Why are the appearance and taste of each batch of fruit different? A:Suibianguo is candied fruit, but not produced by ordinary technology. Fresh fruit is usually dry, and the outer layer is in the form of sand powder. These are the powder of herbal ingredients. After storage for a period of time, the sugared fruit will become moist, and the herbal powder will also be absorbed into the sugared plum germ, and the taste will become more fragrant, waxy, sour and sweet. Q:After eating the fruit, the urine becomes yellowish. Why? A:This is because the fruit contains β- Carotene. β- Carotene is an orange fat-soluble compound, which is the most common and stable natural pigment in nature. It is very safe and has no toxic and side effects. After eating, the part that is not absorbed by the human body will be discharged out of the body with urine and sweat, and the urine will appear more yellow than usual, which is a normal phenomenon.



with extraordinary effects after Multiple months of preserving.

I have footprints in more than Multiple countries and regions ~

I am not only a candied fruit with sweet and sour flavor.

I have more green plum wonders and surprises waiting for you to discover!

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