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After the night run, I lost ten pounds

More and more people use night running to relieve pressure and shape their body. You don't need special equipment and places, wear a pair of earphones, and hide the careful thought that "I will astonish the whole world if I persist like this". You are the most beautiful guy on the street.

But have you found that every night run is full of unsafe factors - how many times have you been abducted by the roadside snack bar? We must all have heard the saying that you can't eat and drink after exercise. First, you are worried about increasing the burden on your stomach. Second, you are afraid that the meat you want to expel will be "lost and found".

I know the truth, but I can't control my mouth. Do you feel happy after eating? I'm afraid that the majority of people are repentant. The heat consumed by sweaty night running has been doubled by these night snacks!

In fact, it's not your fault to make such a tragic reversal of night running. The mistake is that these snacks are too tempting - you know it's not because of hunger, but you just want to eat!

Learn about "hedonic" hunger

There are two kinds of hunger: one is called steady hunger, and the other is called hedonic hunger. "Steady-state hunger" is easy to understand, which is actually "hunger". This hunger represents the most basic desire of the human body for energy and food. There is another kind of hunger in the human body, that is, "hedonic hunger", which is the "pseudo hunger" caused by the instinctive desire for food and taste stimulation when there is no need to eat. This kind of "false hunger" represents the human body's desire for happiness and satisfaction, which is translated into a more understandable expression: greediness!

How can I satisfy my craving with ease?

You can try to get rid of the environment that can make you salivate. You can't see or hear, and you can always hold a hard heart.

If this method is not practical, then it is recommended that you put a bag of seasonal meals in your backpack. It is small and unobtrusive, but it has unexpected effect on defeating the demons and ghosts that destroy your night running plan.

Seasonal substitute meals rich in dietary fiber can give people a lasting sense of fullness and reduce people's desire for high-fat and high-calorie food. I don't know if you have such experience. When you go shopping in the supermarket in a hungry state, you will unconsciously put a lot of things into the shopping cart. When you are full, the whole person will appear more calm, and the temptation of food to you will obviously decrease a lot. In addition, each bag of seasonal meals only contains the same amount of calories as an apple, and is zero fat, which will not cause psychological and physical pressure after eating.

Compared with other types of light truck and zero fat food on the market, the jelly taste of the four seasons meal is more compatible with the hearty taste after a large amount of exercise. In addition to satiety, this feeling of water and moisture is so timely to relieve hunger and thirst, killing two birds with one stone.

So, do you want a healthy lifestyle? Why not start with Siji Meal Replacement jelly?

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